Facing My Fears

I have decided to face my fears.  I know this sounds vague so I will go into a little detail before I continue.

I have recently been looking into studying abroad, and the place I want to go is Brighton, England.  I have thought about all of the risks and all of the benefits and have decided I am going to give it a shot.  This is very nerve wrecking because I have never even been out of the country, let alone living there for months on end.

I have, however, made up my mind that I am in fact going to apply.  It will cost a little bit of money out of pocket, but not too much that it will effect me in any way.

I guess, I’m writing this post to get your stamp of approval?

Is this actually a good idea?? Or am I just crazy …

I would love to hear your thoughts about this, maybe convincing me that this really is a good idea?


Nature, School, and other…

Schools all around the world are so different, from elementary, middle, high schools to college.  But what do some of our schools have in common?

Let’s find out.

I took some pictures from all around my campus, and I want YOU to help me find out what kind of campus’ are most popular.



This is one of the more beautiful aspects of my campus, there are palm trees and a beautiful view of the Las Vegas skyline from the library … is this like your school? How? What city is your school in?



This was taken on the same day on the same campus… not so beautiful huh?  Is your campus more like this? How? What city is your school in?

Is your campus a mixture of the 2 like mine? How? What city is your school in?

I can’t wait to hear from all of you in the comments below.  I wish more campuses looked like the first 2 pictures rather than the 3rd…. it’s much more beautiful.

Bad Study Habits

I’m not going to lie, I am quite the procrastinator.  I know, big shocker there but when it comes down to it, I really am bad at making myself do homework or study for tests I don’t want to have etc.  I mean, can you blame me?  It’s not like sitting and studying is how I want to be spending my afternoon right? Exactly.  Well anyways, I wanted to just get that out there before I explain my INSANE LUCK on my first quiz in a class in college.

I LITERALLY just got extra credit on an exam I didn’t study for.  I guessed on all of my answers, and I got a 28.5/27 on my quiz.  Don’t ask me how I did it, because I have no idea. But I’m not going to lie, I am not proud of not studying.

I have a pretty busy schedule with school, homework, work, and life getting in the way… but I could always make time to study.  With saying this, I encourage all of YOU to learn from this and don’t be stupid like me :]

If you don’t know how to get started, let me help you.

  1. Everyone studies differently. Whether you focus better in quiet or if you have music playing, just set up your ideal study scene and get cracking.
  2. Don’t stress yourself out.  When studying, don’t focus too hard on the negative aspects because you might end up frying your brain and you won’t be able to retain any of the information you need to.
  3. Use your resources.  If you have a test on the chapters of your textbook, read it over and take notes that you could further study off of.
  4. Ask for help.  If you haven’t ever been good at studying, ask a friend or someone to help you out!  Even getting a group of friends together and studying all at once you can get a lot more done and it has a little more of a fun aspect to it!

There are plenty more tips and tricks I could give you but, these are just a few that come to mind. Personally, I like to sit in my school’s library with my headphones in and focus on whatever subject I need to study for, but I’m also the person who loves being surrounded by my friends as we all study together!

Try some stuff out and see what works for you!

Do you have any neat study habits? I’d love to hear them :] Comment below!

University STRUGGLES

Literally, the struggle is REAL….

I am just starting university and OH MY GOODNESS I am stressed. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada and currently go to the University here. Can I just say it’s more than I ever dreamed it would be?

It’s only my second day and a few disasters have happened but overall, I am having a good time. But obviously all you want to hear about is the bad stuff am I right? Of course I am.

So first off, I was almost late to my first class! The parking lot was so full that it took me 20 minutes to find a parking spot, and it ended up being in the WAY BACK of the lot. I then had to walk from my car, across the campus, to get to my class. I had 15 minutes. I had to hurry. I made it, don’t worry, but after that class I had a short 30 minute break so I decided to stop off in the library to grab a cup of coffee – my second mistake. When I swung my backpack off one shoulder to just quickly reach in my bag for my wallet the strap that I still had on SNAPPED OFF!! I don’t know how it happened, it wasn’t like it was an old backpack, it literally was a BRAND NEW BACKPACK. But I had to get to class so I didn’t have time to go put the broken backpack in my car and make it back in time, so I carried a broken backpack to my second class ever at uni. Finally the class finished and I made the long trek to my car and swapped my backpack for my purse and just carried my materials, but when I locked my car I heard a male voice say “hey”. IT WAS A 40+ YEAR OLD MAN!!!! I awkwardly said “hi” back and started to walk away very quickly as he proceeded to go “you’re cute” and I was then panicked, said “THATS NICE” and walked away as quick as possible.

I decided on my way back into campus I would chill in the library until my friend Hanna got out of class, when on my way I head many protestors. Or preachers. I don’t know which you would call them. They were yelling about how no one should bother going to church because Jesus isn’t there and all this other baloney and it was very weird. I sat in the library and realized by this point I was quite hot and sweaty considering Las Vegas is around 110 degrees when it’s summer and after noon. So I became very self conscious about smelling bad so I sprayed a little spritz of perfume under my armpits just in case and then the guy at the table across from me made a face and got up and left the floor of the library. Personally, I think my perfume smells good but I made him RUN AWAY.

Needless to say my day was VERY INTERESTING and I now just sit in the very back of the library away from everyone because I don’t want to annoy people with my WONDERFUL SMELLING PERFUME.