Life Update/New Segment

Hi everyone!  How have you been?  I’m pretty good just have started back up with the second semester of my lovely little college life.  But, I wanted to go ahead and share a couple fun things that have/are happening in my life recently!  They are quite exciting and definitely open a new chapter for me in “adulthood”.

First off, I invested in eyelash extensions.  I know what you’re probably thinking and that’s that they are a complete waste of money but I 100% disagree.  I barely have to wear any makeup anymore and it’s the best thing ever!! And, I take the best selfies in the world now.  Just kidding but they are quite photogenic and are a great investment.  See for yourself!


Next thing is that I am moving out of my house!  I’m moving at about the end of the month into a nice house with a handful of other friends and my dog.  And I probably couldn’t take this step without how awesome my parents took the news and support me in my decision to take this next life step, of course with a few concerns behind them which are completely understandable but I definitely am thankful to have their “blessing” in a way!  Also, my friends are also so supportive as well, (shoutout to Regan and Ashley) I definitely couldn’t leave my comfort zone without them right behind me.  I will have my own room and I’m very excited to be “adulting” and really just taking that next step in life to becoming an adult.

Last but not least, I’ve decided to add a new segment or a little extra thing to look forward to in my blog posts and that’s a little bit of poetry.  I was given “A Book I’ll Never Write” by my lovely friend Regan and I haven’t really had time to sit down and read it so instead of trying to sit and read it I’m going to flip to a random page and write the poem down at the bottom of my posts or in their own posts if I like it too much to just add it to some other idea.  I really can’t wait to share all of these amazing poems with you but always keep in mind that they are not original ideas in any way they will all be coming from “A Book I’ll Never Write” so just keep in mind I am not poetically talented in any way.   I will start doing that next post!

Alright so comment below your goals for the upcoming year or maybe some types of posts or topics you would like to read from me very soon 🙂  Remember, you don’t need an account to comment!  I can’t wait to decorate my room and show you all how awesome my new house is!  Also, I would love if you all contacted me so feel free to follow my Twitter or Instagram by clicking on the word and I can’t wait to hear from you !