Breakfast of Champions?

The other morning, I was running late for school (which happens to be a normal thing for me) so I wasn’t able to grab anything on the way to school for breakfast because on this particular morning, I was running REALLY late.


Now I know what you are probably thinking, flaming hot lays? What? When has this ever been a thing?? Well, I didn’t discover them until the other day when I went to Walmart with my friend Lacy.  She decided to walk down the chips isle and BEHOLD – flaming hot lays.  Sure, I’ve had your typical flaming hot Cheeto or your Takis, but never had I ever had a flaming hot lay.  So I tried them, and OH MY GOODNESS!! They’re delicious.

Back to the story – I was driving and I realized I had the bag of chips and I got ridiculously excited because well, I love those chips.  Only problem, however, it was 7:30am and I don’t know about you but I don’t really consider that the prime time for eating chips. But, I did it anyways.

I ate the whole family sized bag.

Not my proudest moment.

Now, it was around 8am and my mouth was on fire and I had nothing to drink because, once again, I was running late.  I noticed a bottle of water on the floor of the passenger seat of my car and deeply thought about whether or not that was the best idea.

I concluded that yes, it was a perfect idea.  So, I sat and drank my water that was probably sitting in the car for about a week.  It tasted a little funny but in the end it was an okay decision.  So, that’s it.  That is the best breakfast you can have when you’re running ridiculously late. 🙂



Okay so I have been listening to a lot of slower songs lately to kind of get into the cozy sleepy sad mood that winter brings on, and I have a list of some AMAZING tunes that I think you all should check out!

Okay so here is the list in alphabetical order on my playlist

  1. All of Me – John Legend
  2. All Time Low – Jon Bellion
  3. Bad Things – Machine Gun Kelly & Camila Cabello
  4. Cancer – Twenty One Pilots
  5. Car Radio – Twenty One Pilots
  6. Gone – Machine Gun Kelly (explicit)
  7. I’m Not the Only One – Sam Smith
  8. Impossible Year – Panic! At the Disco
  9. Latch (Acoustic) – Sam Smith
  10. Lost Boy – Ruth B.
  11. Ordinary People – John Legend
  12. See My Tears – Machine Gun Kelly (explicit)
  13. Spotlight – Machine Gun Kelly (explicit)
  14. Stay With Me – Sam Smith
  15. Take Me to Church – Hozier
  16. This Is My Version – Conor Maynard (explicit)

I love just sitting and listening to music and I definitely recommend this playlist. If you have a spotify, here is the link to this EXACT playlist on there –


I hope you enjoy listening to it just as much as me! 🙂

New Face Product

Okay so I know I don’t have any experience reviewing any products ever, but I just bought a brand new makeup remover from Sephora thats from IT Cosmetics.

And trust me, I am no beauty guru but when it comes to this product, all I want to do is rave about it.


So, it comes out as a waxy material and you apply it all over your face where there is makeup, including on your eyelashes, and you leave it on for 1 minute.  After the minute is up you will rinse your face with minimal scrubbing, you won’t need to scrub hard, and the makeup will literally melt off of your face.  I know that sounds too good to be true so I have before, during, and after pictures of my face when I used it.

img_2622This is the before picture, my makeup is still on and in tact, as you can see I am wearing foundation, concealer, mascara, and I did my eyebrows.

This is the during picture, I just applied the remover and it was already MELTING off of my face, mostly my mascara, I hadn’t waited the minute yet and I hadn’t rinsed.img_2623This is the after picture where I rinsed off my face and patted it dry.


I was also wearing waterproof mascara and idk if you wear waterproof, but if you do you will know that stuff NEVER comes off, but it did first try with this makeup remover.  I was seriously impressed.  So if you are interested in buying this lovely product it is by IT Cosmetics.

img_2627Called BYE BYE MAKEUP. It is 3-in-1 which means it is a makeup remover, a cleanser, and a moisturizer all in one.  Now, don’t use this product for every day cleansing of your skin, but feel free to use it any day you have makeup on.  They do recommend using a normal cleanser/face wash after to completely clean your pores but if you are exhausted and don’t have time to do so, don’t worry about it because it does do the job already for you.

10/10 would recommend.  And like I said I got this product from my local Sephora so go pick one up it is LITERALLY magic.


OMG so I just started watching a new show on Netflix because, well, I have already watched through all of the seasons of Orange is the New Black, Grey’s Anatomy, Stranger Things, Vampire Diaries, and so many more.

I obviously knew I needed to find a new show to watch and I had a friend recommend Gotham and I decided to give it a try, after going to Twitter and asking my friends about it. Everyone recommended it so I was like what the heck I will try it out.

I. Am. Obsessed. With. It.

Literally, wow.  I love the DC comic series a lot better than Marvel (sorry all of the spiderman/superman fans) but DC has always sparked my interest more.  I have seen all of the batman movies and I also saw Suicide Squad which came out more recently.

Let me take a step back, how I found out about Gotham.

I was scrolling through Facebook and I stumbled upon a video trailer for the new season which includes the Joker.  The Joker is my absolute FAVORITE character in all of the comic series’.  So, this got me excited.  I figured if I was going to watch that season, I needed to watch the seasons leading up to it.

Anyways, I literally love Gotham soooo much.  It is thought out so well and I like how they show so much back story about Bruce and oMg watch this show.

I just wanted to share because this show is literally so good so if you’re interested in a new show on Netflix, watch this one.


Nature, School, and other…

Schools all around the world are so different, from elementary, middle, high schools to college.  But what do some of our schools have in common?

Let’s find out.

I took some pictures from all around my campus, and I want YOU to help me find out what kind of campus’ are most popular.



This is one of the more beautiful aspects of my campus, there are palm trees and a beautiful view of the Las Vegas skyline from the library … is this like your school? How? What city is your school in?



This was taken on the same day on the same campus… not so beautiful huh?  Is your campus more like this? How? What city is your school in?

Is your campus a mixture of the 2 like mine? How? What city is your school in?

I can’t wait to hear from all of you in the comments below.  I wish more campuses looked like the first 2 pictures rather than the 3rd…. it’s much more beautiful.

Bad Study Habits

I’m not going to lie, I am quite the procrastinator.  I know, big shocker there but when it comes down to it, I really am bad at making myself do homework or study for tests I don’t want to have etc.  I mean, can you blame me?  It’s not like sitting and studying is how I want to be spending my afternoon right? Exactly.  Well anyways, I wanted to just get that out there before I explain my INSANE LUCK on my first quiz in a class in college.

I LITERALLY just got extra credit on an exam I didn’t study for.  I guessed on all of my answers, and I got a 28.5/27 on my quiz.  Don’t ask me how I did it, because I have no idea. But I’m not going to lie, I am not proud of not studying.

I have a pretty busy schedule with school, homework, work, and life getting in the way… but I could always make time to study.  With saying this, I encourage all of YOU to learn from this and don’t be stupid like me :]

If you don’t know how to get started, let me help you.

  1. Everyone studies differently. Whether you focus better in quiet or if you have music playing, just set up your ideal study scene and get cracking.
  2. Don’t stress yourself out.  When studying, don’t focus too hard on the negative aspects because you might end up frying your brain and you won’t be able to retain any of the information you need to.
  3. Use your resources.  If you have a test on the chapters of your textbook, read it over and take notes that you could further study off of.
  4. Ask for help.  If you haven’t ever been good at studying, ask a friend or someone to help you out!  Even getting a group of friends together and studying all at once you can get a lot more done and it has a little more of a fun aspect to it!

There are plenty more tips and tricks I could give you but, these are just a few that come to mind. Personally, I like to sit in my school’s library with my headphones in and focus on whatever subject I need to study for, but I’m also the person who loves being surrounded by my friends as we all study together!

Try some stuff out and see what works for you!

Do you have any neat study habits? I’d love to hear them :] Comment below!


So, recently, I have been added to a website called My Trending Stories as a contributor to write about things and I just feel so much pressure with writing for such a highly used website.

On here, this is my own little corner.  I write about what I want, when I want and no one really cares.  Like, this is my space to create the content that I want to create but on My Trending Stories they want me to create content at least once a week and it honestly is a lot harder than it sounds.

And I know what you’re going to say “Tasia, you create content every week on here so what is the difference?” well let me tell you.  The difference is, on there they want my content to be creative and enticing and some work that some readers will want to read and contribute to but on here, I can write freely about whatever comes to mind and you all are still so lovely and read it even though it isn’t always “cute” or well thought out like some of my other posts.

So I guess, what do you think I should do? Should I continue giving my trending stories my best shot or should I just stick to the content I already create? Or should I create the same sort of content on My Trending Stories?

I hope someone gives me some feedback because I really need some advice right now.