Spring Break

It’s that time of year again – spring break.  That time where all of the college kids forget what school and responsibilities are and adventure off somewhere new.  This spring break my place of choice was California.  I love the beach and the vibe in California so I went and visited a friend.

IMG_0011.JPGI drove from Las Vegas to Camarillo, CA on Sunday and it took me the longest time to get there.  It normally is only a 4-5 hour drive… and it took me 8 hours to get there.  8 HOURS!!  It was the worst and I was all alone the whole time.  Never again aha.

When I arrived I more or less just went to sleep because it was 11:30 at night.

Monday, I went to Panera Bread and got a pitaya bowl.  It was a pretty relaxed day considering my friend had school.

Tuesday, we went to Good and Healthy, then drove out to Santa Barbara.  We spent the afternoon walking down State st. and peeking throughout all of the cute shops.  Then we stopped on the beach for a little photo shoot.

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Then we drove home. It was such a relaxed, chill day that it really just made me realize how much I can’t wait for summer!

Finally, the last day arrived and it was seriously tragic.  I was so so sad that I wasn’t able to stay a little longer.  But on the bright side… I got my belly button pierced!


I had some super duper cute outfits throughout the few days I was in Cali, so cute I just HAD to snapchat them duh. (add me tasianicolec)

Day 1:


Day 2:


Day 3:


The rest of break I just spent my time at home or at work… so what I do typically.

Sunday was Easter and so I had dinner at my grandparents house here in town and then went to my sister’s house for a little while to play board games with her friends.

What did you do over spring break?



Disneyland is probably my favorite place on this planet.  I don’t really know why, but when I think of Disney, I just immediately become overjoyed!  So, I’m thankful for having some friends who feel the same way about it!

My lovely friend Lacy had her 19th birthday on February 28, so we decided to go to Disneyland to celebrate!


So, Monday the 27th at about 11pm we got on the road from Vegas to Anaheim. There wasn’t any traffic so it was a smooth drive straight there!  We stayed in a little motel for the night and got some sleep for our big day!


As we arrived at Disneyland and walked up to the gate, we scanned our tickets overjoyed when we head the WORST sound EVER!!!! The ticket was being declined.  Not just one ticket either, no, 2 tickets.  Nick and Ashley’s tickets were both declined and Lacy and I had already gone through the gate.   Now, if you haven’t been to Disneyland before, the tickets expire one year after purchase, so as long as you don’t scan them you can go anytime.  However, once you go through the gate you can’t get a refund.  Whether you were inside for 5 minutes or 5 hours.  It doesn’t matter.

Now we start to panic, because Disneyland tickets are not cheap.  Apparently, what had happened, Disney refunded the tickets to the cards and the money would return in 3-5 business days.  This is upsetting because now how are we supposed to enjoy our day at Disney if we don’t have everyone there.  So, I ended up paying for Nick’s ticket in full and then Ashley and Nick payed for her ticket.  We made it in the park!


Now, the world was our oyster!  We walked around and rode on so so many rides!  I don’t know about you, but I love to be comfy at Disneyland.  So, before we left, Ashley and I went shopping!

For any of the below items, if I couldn’t find the exact same item I linked to similar or something else I loved & recommend.

The jeans – Forever 21

The shirt – Forever 21

The flannel – Forever 21

The backpack – Forever 21

The shoes – Vans

The ears – Disneyland

Anyways, I took a lot of super cute pictures so here is a slideshow of me & my cute friends!

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Pretty much, the moral of the story is – don’t take life for granted.  Take an adventure, stay up that extra hour, do what you want to do to be happy because in the end that’s all we have.  Memories and joy.  Live your life.




I love to adventure throughout the city I live in because there are a ton of beautiful places to go and parts of the city that are under-appreciated like Fremont street to be more specific.  I believe that Fremont street is known for all of the crazy druggies who hang around down there as well as the naked people just kinda walking about but to be honest, that’s not all that is there.  There are musicians and artists who work down there to attract tourists and some people are just blow my mind amazing at what they do.  I saw one street performer who really stood out to me.  He was accepting tips, but he wasn’t asking for them.  He put on a small show where all he explained was how he believed in peace and happiness and how the world should just live in harmony.

IMG_2412He was amazing to watch.

Also, down by fremont is the container park!

IMG_2414It’s pretty much a bunch of shops built into old shipping containers and there is some really amazing food in there!  My friends and I went into the toy shop and played with all of the toys for about a half an hour before we realized we probably looked suspicious touching everything and not buying anything so we left.  However, if you want a chill space to hang out and grab some food, this is the place to go.

Las Vegas is known for the bright lights and the busy city but that’s not all that is here.  There is culture and music and people that who have traveled across the world just to come to the city to gamble and throw away all of their money but what they dont realize is that there is more to the city than just somewhere to gamble and get drunk, they just don’t go past the city to find out.

IMG_2415I compare Vegas to New York, there are striving artists around every corner and also you see some beauty behind every building whether it has a tiny piece of art on it or a full blown picture on the side of a building.

It really is beautiful and I love exploring it with my friends.

This day, I explored with my best friend Ashley, and our friends True and Cade.

Keep your eyes open and your mind clear, because you will find some things you may have never seen before.

Break Over!

I’ve just returned from Washington, and boy oh boy was it beautiful! I am so excited to share everything I did!

First things first is the flight!


I love flying (as you may have read in my post Traveling!) and I was so happy to fly to Washington for my visit with my family! When I arrived, I walked straight off the plane down to the baggage claim and lucky me my bag was right there on the carousel waiting for me! Then I proceeded to my grandma’s house to hang out and relax for the day.

While we were there, my grandma insisted on bringing me shopping which, obviously, I would never pass up! IMG_2354These are the things I bought! All of the shirts are from PacSun, but the shoes are from Famous Footwear (I think).  Anyways, I bought a white shirt with a red collar that has a cute pup on the front and says “snap me” in cursive above the dog (snapchat is tasianicolec).  I also got a grey shirt with a  maroon collar which reads “too cute to care” in cursive! Also, there is a grey long sleeved top that cuts down the front in a low V with strings across, and then also a black and white stripped dress.  My grandma also insisted on buying me a pair of Adidas, black and white and they are so super comfy!

So the next day we just stayed around the house and then went to Olive Garden for a late lunch, but then the next day I hung out with my cousin and we had dinner at my grandmas and I met his lovely girlfriend Meghan.

Finally, on Friday I hung out with my cousin David and Meghan all afternoon/evening.  We went to a park and we were pokemon hunting (pokemon go is an awesome game, might I add) and then we went to the roller skating rink and we hung out with a few more of David’s friends from his school.


Saturday I sat around the house bored, until my grandma decided that I needed to get a new purse so we left the house and went shopping again!IMG_2370I got a black Michael Kors purse which was quite expensive but it is so cute and simple and I love it so so much.

Finally, Sunday came and it was time for my cousin’s party! We hung around by the pool and ate lots of food.  The party was very fun and I was so happy to have gotten to see him before he left and also I really loved meeting Meghan and her sister Ellie (who is her twin).

IMG_2393After the party I went back to my grandma’s house and had quite the dilemma with 2 spiders in the room I was staying in, so I decided I was going to sleep in the living room for the night!  Overall, the trip was so so amazing and I am so grateful I got to go on it!

Monday morning I woke up at 5am to catch my flight back to Vegas, and I was sitting next to a guy who oddly smelt like Ritz crackers… I know, weird.  On the flight I wrote 18 pages of a story that I have been avidly writing for my friend Rachael, and I was very productive! When I stepped off the plane it felt as though it was a hot hair dryer outside considering I had just come from 70 degree weather and it was 105 degrees when I arrived home.  Yay for living in the desert… 😦


This is going to be quite a short post on account I have been on a plane for 2 hours and really just need some fresh air BUT I wanted to post something for you all because I appreciate your time in reading and commenting, so thank you for following my blog! x


Wow, I love to travel.  I love the feel of airports and I just recently went on a cruise for the first time (see Hey Guys! if you haven’t heard about it) and to be honest, going to different places makes me so happy.

I just arrived in Seattle, Washington about an hour ago and I am so excited for my stay here! I am currently visiting with my grandma and later tonight I am going to go hang out with my cousin who is, thankfully, the same age as me! So we are probably going to do something fun and I am so excited.

My favorite part of traveling is probably the moment before you actually go there.  Like, for example, when you’re sitting at the airport waiting for your plane to board and you just have that down time to do whatever, I LOVE that so much.  What is your favorite part of traveling?  Comment below!

One bad side about traveling (today) was on my plane here, there was a screaming child sitting right behind me and they were not happy AT ALL.  They didn’t stop crying until around 15 minutes before the plane landed and then the second we landed, they were crying again.  Luckily for me, I have noise canceling headphones so I just watched the movie Hairspray on my laptop and ignored the loud crying behind me.

What is your worst experience traveling? Where is your favorite place to go? Comment below!  I love going to California and Washington the most (in the US) and I am so excited to go to Europe next summer, it is going to be AMAZING.

Thank you guys for reading xx

If your friends jump off a cliff… would you?

The answer is yes, sometimes.

I’m just joking around, but today I went cliff diving at nelsons landing! Nelsons landing is a place in Las Vegas at Lake Mead, where there are semi-tall cliffs that you jump off of into the water.

I love cliff jumping (or cliff diving, depending on where you’re from) and I definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn’t tried it before.

The coolest thing is spending hours at a time out at the lake with some of your closest friends.

My friends that I went cliff jumping with today were my friend Griffin, Rachael, Ashley, & James.  It was such a fun time and afterwords we got a bite to eat at Canes which is a fast food chicken finger restaurant.

Today, was definitely a beautiful day and I had such an awesome time.

It’s also super cool because anyone can go to these cliffs and you see all of these super talented people doing gainer flips and double back flips into the water as you’re just like…. I wish I could do that haha.

Nonetheless, cliff jumping is dangerous, so make sure you follow a couple simple rules and you should do just fine.

1: Wear Shoes.  I know I know it sounds weird to wear shoes when jumping into the lake, but getting out the rocks can be quite slippery and also there are some sharp rocks so you don’t want to hurt yourself.

2: Stay like a pencil! When you are jumping into the water for the first time or so, I wouldn’t recommend trying out some sort of cool flip or dive when you haven’t ever attempted this before, so I would just jump in like normal. So, you jump out and away from the cliff and keep your hands, arms, feet, and legs inside the ride at all times. Unless… you want to have a giant bruise.

3: HAVE FUN!  I am serious, cliff jumping isn’t all about the rules and safety, it’s also a huge adrenaline rush and an awesome time with friends. But wear sunscreen!! (my face got burnt today)

But yeah! Overall, cliff jumping is amazing.

I definitely don’t get to hang out with a few of these people as often anymore considering it is summer and I am no longer in High School (RIP) so it was so awesome to get us all together and make a mini trip out to the lake to have some good fun and jumping off cliffs.

10/10 – would recommend.


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Love you all xx

Mt. Charleston!

As I had said before, I like to wander around different places in Las Vegas and a lovely mountain that is nearby is Mt. Charleston! It is beautiful and green and even has a cute restaurant at the top and is definitely a great place to go if you’re interested in escaping reality for a little while! (: So , about a week ago my best friend Lacy and I went up to the mountain and made a cute little youtube video out of our trip.


Check it out : My Video

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