What to do When Bored in a Library

Hi guys!  Wow, so I have had the best response ever when it comes to the post University Struggles on Elm’s Blog so thank you all so much for being so supportive and nice :]


I head to the library on my campus almost every time I am bored or whenever I have a break after classes because I have really no where else to go so I get some homework done, but there is only so much homework to do.  So how do I spend my time in the library?

Let me tell you.

  1. I watch netflix.

I know that sounds SUPER WEIRD but I plug my headphones in and utilize the free wifi to watch friends….. sue me

2. I check emails

Also, probably doesn’t sound like the MOST FUN thing in the world to do but believe it or not you can get through a LOT OF EMAILS in a short amount of time in the library.

3.  I read other blogs

Honestly, I’m not going to lie…  I am probably the least active follower on anyone’s blog ever BUT don’t fear I read your blog posts, even if I don’t like or comment on them I swear.

4. Write a story

I have been actively writing a story for my friend Rachael and so when I am bored in the library I will continue  on with the story and make the magic happen lol.

5. Write for the Blog 🙂

As you know, I have contributed to Elm’s blog BUT I also, recently, have  become a contributor for a website called My Trending Stories and if you want to check me out on that website please click here!

Those are some things for you to do in the library! I hope that helps some of your bored minds like it helps me! :]


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