I love to adventure throughout the city I live in because there are a ton of beautiful places to go and parts of the city that are under-appreciated like Fremont street to be more specific.  I believe that Fremont street is known for all of the crazy druggies who hang around down there as well as the naked people just kinda walking about but to be honest, that’s not all that is there.  There are musicians and artists who work down there to attract tourists and some people are just blow my mind amazing at what they do.  I saw one street performer who really stood out to me.  He was accepting tips, but he wasn’t asking for them.  He put on a small show where all he explained was how he believed in peace and happiness and how the world should just live in harmony.

IMG_2412He was amazing to watch.

Also, down by fremont is the container park!

IMG_2414It’s pretty much a bunch of shops built into old shipping containers and there is some really amazing food in there!  My friends and I went into the toy shop and played with all of the toys for about a half an hour before we realized we probably looked suspicious touching everything and not buying anything so we left.  However, if you want a chill space to hang out and grab some food, this is the place to go.

Las Vegas is known for the bright lights and the busy city but that’s not all that is here.  There is culture and music and people that who have traveled across the world just to come to the city to gamble and throw away all of their money but what they dont realize is that there is more to the city than just somewhere to gamble and get drunk, they just don’t go past the city to find out.

IMG_2415I compare Vegas to New York, there are striving artists around every corner and also you see some beauty behind every building whether it has a tiny piece of art on it or a full blown picture on the side of a building.

It really is beautiful and I love exploring it with my friends.

This day, I explored with my best friend Ashley, and our friends True and Cade.

Keep your eyes open and your mind clear, because you will find some things you may have never seen before.


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