This is going to be quite a short post on account I have been on a plane for 2 hours and really just need some fresh air BUT I wanted to post something for you all because I appreciate your time in reading and commenting, so thank you for following my blog! x


Wow, I love to travel.  I love the feel of airports and I just recently went on a cruise for the first time (see Hey Guys! if you haven’t heard about it) and to be honest, going to different places makes me so happy.

I just arrived in Seattle, Washington about an hour ago and I am so excited for my stay here! I am currently visiting with my grandma and later tonight I am going to go hang out with my cousin who is, thankfully, the same age as me! So we are probably going to do something fun and I am so excited.

My favorite part of traveling is probably the moment before you actually go there.  Like, for example, when you’re sitting at the airport waiting for your plane to board and you just have that down time to do whatever, I LOVE that so much.  What is your favorite part of traveling?  Comment below!

One bad side about traveling (today) was on my plane here, there was a screaming child sitting right behind me and they were not happy AT ALL.  They didn’t stop crying until around 15 minutes before the plane landed and then the second we landed, they were crying again.  Luckily for me, I have noise canceling headphones so I just watched the movie Hairspray on my laptop and ignored the loud crying behind me.

What is your worst experience traveling? Where is your favorite place to go? Comment below!  I love going to California and Washington the most (in the US) and I am so excited to go to Europe next summer, it is going to be AMAZING.

Thank you guys for reading xx


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