If your friends jump off a cliff… would you?

The answer is yes, sometimes.

I’m just joking around, but today I went cliff diving at nelsons landing! Nelsons landing is a place in Las Vegas at Lake Mead, where there are semi-tall cliffs that you jump off of into the water.

I love cliff jumping (or cliff diving, depending on where you’re from) and I definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn’t tried it before.

The coolest thing is spending hours at a time out at the lake with some of your closest friends.

My friends that I went cliff jumping with today were my friend Griffin, Rachael, Ashley, & James.  It was such a fun time and afterwords we got a bite to eat at Canes which is a fast food chicken finger restaurant.

Today, was definitely a beautiful day and I had such an awesome time.

It’s also super cool because anyone can go to these cliffs and you see all of these super talented people doing gainer flips and double back flips into the water as you’re just like…. I wish I could do that haha.

Nonetheless, cliff jumping is dangerous, so make sure you follow a couple simple rules and you should do just fine.

1: Wear Shoes.  I know I know it sounds weird to wear shoes when jumping into the lake, but getting out the rocks can be quite slippery and also there are some sharp rocks so you don’t want to hurt yourself.

2: Stay like a pencil! When you are jumping into the water for the first time or so, I wouldn’t recommend trying out some sort of cool flip or dive when you haven’t ever attempted this before, so I would just jump in like normal. So, you jump out and away from the cliff and keep your hands, arms, feet, and legs inside the ride at all times. Unless… you want to have a giant bruise.

3: HAVE FUN!  I am serious, cliff jumping isn’t all about the rules and safety, it’s also a huge adrenaline rush and an awesome time with friends. But wear sunscreen!! (my face got burnt today)

But yeah! Overall, cliff jumping is amazing.

I definitely don’t get to hang out with a few of these people as often anymore considering it is summer and I am no longer in High School (RIP) so it was so awesome to get us all together and make a mini trip out to the lake to have some good fun and jumping off cliffs.

10/10 – would recommend.


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Love you all xx


6 thoughts on “If your friends jump off a cliff… would you?

  1. i like this post ❤ Well i had a great day cliff jumping with some cool friends at the same place you were! crazy right?!? however i did have to join the #tomatosquad

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