IMG_2156IMG_2148IMG_2157IMG_2162IMG_2161Something that I love to do regularly is adventure throughout my city (Las Vegas).  It is a pretty boring city and it isn’t super interesting but adventuring throughout random places is very beautiful.  Last night I went out with my friend Lacy and we took some cute pictures in the middle of the street in the middle of no where.  If you are in Vegas and want a super cool place to adventure to, just go for it and look out at one of these places!!

Lake Mead- You can climb up a big rock and go cliff jumping out at lake mead.  The place is called Nelson’s Landing if you want to google how to get here but its beautiful and super fun if you like an adrenaline rush!

Art District- If you head down to the strip and go to the container park, you can head down the street and find a couple of really cool graffiti walls and also theres a hidden place called the Art Motel where they hold a concert, and you can just head in there for some more cool graffiti and to take some really awesome pictures!

Grand Canyon- If you live or are visiting on the Centennial Hills side of Las Vegas, you can head down Centennial Pkwy and turn right onto Grand Canyon where it looks like there is a dead end.  Then you will turn left at the stop sign and head down the street until you reach an opening when you can see the entire strip and thats where we were last night taking some cute pictures in the dark.

If you aren’t into heading outside or want some sort of activity to do while in Vegas here are a couple of “hot spot” places to hang out and have some fun!

Laser Quest- There is a super fun laser tag place called Laser Quest on Lake Mead and Tenaya.  The price is pretty cheap and its really fun if you’re looking for something sweet to do!

Top Golf- A little more pricy, but super duper fun.  It is kind of like a driving range but you get points for making it into the holes, and get different amount of points for the different colors of holes! Super fun and great for practicing your swing.

New York New York- There is a super fun rollercoaster at the New York New York hotel so if you’re down on the strip and want to ride a ride here is one that you can do!

Circus Circus- There is an entire casino dedicated to fun! Come here if you want to play some fun arcade/carnival games or up on the top floor is what they call the Adventuredome where there are a bunch of rollercoasters to ride and some more fun games to play!

I hope you guys like this post and you should comment what you want me to post about next! I am open to suggestions all of the time!

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4 thoughts on “Adventuring

    1. ayee awesome! another fun place is up to Mt. Charelston! there are some beautiful hiking spots and theres a nice restaurant up there with wonderful food. as well as Red Rock has a scenic drive and cool hiking spots too!

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