winter is here, better bundle up!

Thank you to everyone who continues to read my blogs, you’re all awesome.


But winter is here! So it’s getting a little cold out.  How can we fix it? BUNDLE UP!

I love winter time because it is the best time for cuddles, hot chocolate, sweaters, boots, scarves, you name it.  It also is the best time for winter dates to the movies to see a Christmas movie or go and see the lights at different places.  It’s all so exciting and wonderful.

How do I bundle up?

Below I have a few pictures of me and my friends at Mount Charleston where we encountered snow.


So how did I stay warm in the snow?

I wore plain black leggings, grey UGG boots, a black t-shirt, a cream colored sweater, a white and grey scarf, a cream mittens like headband, and black and white mittens.

This outfit kept me warm in the snow and I was able to have a wonderful time.  I had such an amazing time up on the mountains so thank you Dane and Owen for inviting me.


Thanks for reading! xx


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